150 Not Out!

150 Not Out!

October 2017 is the 150th edition of Leyland Leader.

For more than 12 years, we have been supporting the best of businesses in Leyland and beyond.

Leyland Leader began in May 2005 with an ambitious 42 page edition, purely in black white with a simple card cover and distribution of around 2500. We have progressed to a high quality 96 page glossy magazine with a monthly print run of 4800, which we personally deliver to targeted homes and businesses in Leyland (PR25 and PR26) with a three month cycle.

From issue one to 150 we must have delivered around 450,000 magazines or more, with almost 1000 separate businesses, large and small, appearing within our pages

New people are moving into Leyland every week. In most cases these new residents are new to the area and have no local knowledge. They are looking for guidance and Leyland Leader offers the perfect opportunity for businesses to get themselves in front of these new potential customers.

We know it works – because people tell us. As we deliver each month, we meet residents at their home, on the doorstep, in their gardens…

A typical conversation might be:

“What’s this rubbish you’re bringing round now?” they ask.

“It’s Leyland Leader, the finest read in Leyland,” says I.

“Oh, we like that, we use lots of people out of it, thanks very much…..etc etc”

So it works. People keep it for reference, it doesn’t get thrown away like local newspapers. It’s a handy directory of local businesses and services, but so much more, with restaurant reviews, editorial features, topical articles and community announcements.

Of course, we are ever grateful to all our advertisers, some of which have appeared in every single issue – all 150 of them!

One of the first to run with Leyland Leader was C & W Berry Ltd, one fo the town’s major employers.

Director Peter Jones said: “C&W Berry Ltd have supported Leyland Leader since the very first issue and watched it grow with interest. Local businesses supporting other local businesses, that’s what we are all about!”

We don’t deliver to every single house or flat in Leyland because there are only two of us in the workforce, it would be physically impossible. Over 12 years we have crafted three areas (each with over 4800 homes in each) which we deliver to in a three month distribution cycle – residents in our targeted areas receive four copies a year – quarterly – and that works for them, our advertisers and us!

We are 150 issues down the line and determined to keep going.

‘Leyland Leader, your local encyclopedia for the discerning reader’

Pic: (L to R) Issue 1 May 2005 and Issue 150 October 2017