Keeping It In The Family

Keeping It In The Family

Combined sporting pedigree is a key factor in delivering results and success at Brian Pilkington Estate Agents – and there is now a new signing for the successful team.

Founded by the former Burnley and England footballer in 1980, Brian’s grandson Jon has recently joined the family business after a successful stint as director of golf at Oulton Hall near Leeds in Yorkshire to add his own business acumen and a wealth of customer service experience.

It’s a new addition to improve the team, but maintains the balance of the traditional, friendly approach to selling your home which has been a cornerstone of the business since its inception.

Managed by Brian’s daughter-in-law Helen Pilkington, who has been with the business since 1984, Helen’s daughter Emma joined the ranks in 2014. And the family business now has a new dimension after Jon’s decision to make the trip across the Pennines.

He said: “Joining the business was something that has been discussed for several years, but I was enjoying the job that I had and we enjoyed living in Yorkshire.

“I moved to Oulton Hall in 2010 and managed to work my way up to become director of golf. At the time, it was my dream job and I managed to achieve this before I wasI loved my time working at Oulton Hall and living in Leeds – it’s where I met Kayleigh my wife and met many good friends along the way.

“This last year has been a struggle for everyone, but the hospitality sector has suffered hugely. There were lots of circumstances that changed this year and when my parents mentioned about coming to work in the family business, it felt as though the time was right.

“It’s an exciting new challenge for me. Growing up, all I ever knew was the housing market.

“But working in hospitality for the past 15 years, I’ve learnt so much about people and customer service. This is just a different type of service that we provide.

“It’s a real honour to be working in the family business. There aren’t many businesses that manage to survive for so long and being three generations is just a testament to how hard everybody has worked.

“I’ve met people who were sold their first house by my grandad and whose children bought a house from my mum. There’s a really nice family connection and feel to it.

“It’s a different environment and a different skill set to learn but it’s really exciting. I’ve always loved meeting people and providing excellent service. That’s something that I’ll continue to do.

“The only difficulty now is that I have to listen to my mum and do as I’m told a bit more!”

Picture: Helen Pilkington welcomes son Jon to the family business

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