Pride of Place for Leyland Poppies

Pride of Place for Leyland Poppies

AS REMEMBRANCE Sunday approaches a Leyland boutique has proudly mounted a poppy display in its window at the heart of Hough Lane – ‘lest we forget.’

Joanne O’Neill, owner of clothing store Wo+man, along with her friend Angie Brooks has created an impressive display of cascading poppies and is encouraging Leylanders to support the British Legion’s Annual Remembrance Appeal.

lest we forget.

Joanne explains: “I have done poppy displays for a few years now, I used some netting and placed some poppies on it, so they cascaded down. I want to raise money for the Royal British legion Appeal so by having this display, it will attract attention and make people remember.”

The eye-catching display has been attracting attention as passers-by are drawn to the bright red floral collage in Joanne’s shop window.

“A few people have commented on it, which is great, as it’s helping to raise awareness. I have a collection tin in my shop if people want to pop in and donate. This Saturday it’s Remembrance Day, November 11, and I will be selling off the display poppies to support the cause, I hope lots of people will buy them. It’s so important we never forget.”

Joanne’s grandfather, Michael Wilson, was in the Durham Light Infantry and died on the Western Front, along with millions of others in the Great War. Inspired by his heroics, he was killed just before the Battle of the Somme, Joanne purchased one of the iconic ceramic poppies from the famous Tower of London display in his memory.

Wo+man clothing store with its poppy display can be found at 98 Hough Lane in Leyland town centre

Pic: Joanne O’Neill with her ‘Tower poppy’ and her window display