Thirteen Years for Leyland Leader

Thirteen Years for Leyland Leader

UNLUCKY for some it may be, but Leyland Leader is currently celebrating the number 13 – 13 years of successful business!

The Independent Business Magazine for Leyland first hit the streets of PR25 and PR26 back in May 2005 and has come a long way since then.

Owner Keith Bradshaw (pictured) explained: “We started with a very simple card cover and 40 pages all in black and white print, which was fairly substantial even then. But now, we regularly produce a quality monthly, glossy, full colour 96 page directory.

“The original monthly print run was 2000 aimed at targeted homes across the town. Thirteen years and 157 editions later, we are personally – me and my wife Ruth – delivering to almost 5000 homes and businesses every four weeks. We have a three month distribution cycle, visiting three separate areas in turn, each area has around 5000 homes or businesses. A three month advertising package essentially means each individual message will get to about 15,000 letterboxes in Leyland and outlying areas.

“I am extremely grateful to the hundreds of businesses, trades, services, organisations and individuals who have supported us along the way. Some local companies have appeared in all 157 issues. It’s been a fascinating journey, we have met lots of interesting people, made more than a few friends – and delivered around half a million magazines!”

Every single issue is published on the company website, enabling them to be read online from anywhere in the world. An extensive local business directory can also be accessed here.

Keith added: “There are 114 different services advertised in the 13th birthday issue (May 2018), covering almost every service imaginable. Happy Birthday Leyland Leader – why look anywhere else!”