Wade Hall calls for Christmas help

Wade Hall calls for Christmas help

Please can you help? An appeal from the Wade Hall Community Association:

We are looking for donations of food, toys, gifts and vouchers etc. The Wade Hall Community Association usually open up on Christmas Day for people who need somewhere to go, have something to eat and drink and enjoy good company. They chat, play games, play pool, watch TV, read a book and more.

This is for anyone who is homeless, lone parents and their children, older members of the community, indeed anyone who is lonely.

This year is going to be different. We might not be able to open our doors because of these unprecedented times, but what we can do, with your help, is make sure these people get the Christmas they deserve.

We’ve all heard that it is better to give than to receive, and we are a voluntary organisation that give our free time to help people in the community. To know that you are helping to make someone’s life just a little bit easier or helping to make someone happy is an indescribable feeling.

As I’m sure you realize, while you are busy buying and making gifts for your loved ones this Christmas season, there are so many people in need. While most of us take for granted having a Merry Christmas, some among us can only pray and dream about it.

For those of you with children in your lives, you know their joy when they open gifts on Christmas Day. It’s very sad for me to think of all the children in our area who won’t have even one gift to open this year. In fact, they may not even have a meal to eat on this special day. But there is hope for them, and that hope is you.

Here at the centre, we pride ourselves on the help we have provided to those in need for so long. But we honestly couldn’t do it without your generosity.

Please consider putting one more person on your Christmas gift list this year, and send a donation.

If you know someone who needs help please can you contact us on 01772465006 or pass this on.

The Place, Wade Hall Centre, 73 Royal Avenue, Leyland PR25 1BX

Thank you