Wake up and smell……

Wake up and smell……

There’s a terrible, noxious, eye-watering, nauseous smell emanating from the landfill site over in Clayton-le–Woods. And it’s affecting – very badly – local residents in Clayton, Whittle, Buckshaw Village, Bamber Bridge and many parts of Leyland.

It’s been going on for months now and locals are literally sick of it. An action group with over 1000 members on Facebook, Leyland & Chorley Stink Bomb, has been formed with the aim of eliminating the misery caused by the foul stench.

A resident explained: “People are suffering some very nasty effects, they have reported burning eyes and breathing problems which are triggering asthma attacks. There’s dizziness, watery eyes and migraines, young children particularly are suffering.”

The action group are trying to establish exactly what gases are causing the problem and how dangerous they are. Local councillors, MPs and the Environment Agency are all involved and protests have been held at council meetings.

Quercia Ltd, who operate the site under licence, recently expanded their work, opening up a vast expanse of rotting waste which has released the noxious fumes.

The good news is the site turns our waste into electricity – very green and creditable, and the site has been awarded ‘green’ subsidies as a result – the bad news is, the site expansion is beset with problems and it’s become unbearable.

Local councillors have visited the site and the residents’ action group have organised orderly protests.

In addition, it appears the national and regional media are now on the case with recent newspaper, radio and TV coverage taking up the campaign.

Stink Bomb

If you are adversely affected by the smells at any time, you’re advised to report the problems to the Environment Agency via a hotline 0800 807060. You can join the protest and/or follow the campaign via the Leyland & Chorley Stink Bomb Facebook page. The Action Committee, led by Chair Richard Harwood can also be contacted there.